My career as a professional dancer, and now as a dance educator and choreographer has brought me to many places in the world ever since I left Taiwan in my youth. It has been about 30 years but my ties with Taiwan remain close to my heart.

Ms Zhou and I first met in the early 1990s at Tsoying High School where I was a guest teacher and choreographer. As the years pass, people come and go, but the only constant is the reassuring presence of Ms Zhou and her support. And it is through Ms Zhou and Tsoying High School that I’ve found a platform to make a contribution back to my homeland, Taiwan.

Our first country exchange was in 2011 when Tsoying High School performed in Singapore with Cheng Ballet Academy at Reverance 2011, our annual mid-year recital. This collaboration was very well received and since then, has set the tone for a warm relationship based on mutual respect and education. Indeed, Cheng Ballet Academy’s students have benefitted enormously from Tsoying High School Dance Division’s knowledge and training in Chinese dance, arts and culture during such exchanges.

We want to thank everyone involved for the successful performance and look forward to receiving Tsoying High School Dance Division at Cheng Ballet Academy’s 10th anniversary celebrations in Singapore in 2016!